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Fujikura contributes to develop telecommunications infrastructure worldwide by using world-class optical fiber manufacturing technologies. Moreover, Fujikura is expanding its business to the cloud networking, where various optical-fiber-based products are being used as shown below.

Technology: Active Optical Cable

Optical fiber_metal hybrid cable

Fujikura has optical Camera Link cable assemblies using active optical cable (AOC) technology. Fujikura uses its own technologies including optical fiber, lens, optical transceiver and metal cable assembly to develop these products.

Users can get full benefit of high speed link without being aware of optical fibers and components when using AOC.

AOC has "optical / electrical" converter inside a housing of electrical connectors in both ends of cables. Both converters send and receive optical signals inside cables. Connectors on both ends send and receive electrical data signals from other devices.

AOC can solve dissatisfaction with metal cable assembly and provide the following features:

  • -light & thin
  • -Large capacity transmission
  • -Long distance transmission
  • -High noise immunity
  • -Low noise emission

and also solves demerit of conventional cable assembly and provides the following features:

  • -Low cost without costly optical connectors
  • -Easy handling just like electrical connectors

Why Fujikura?

In the cloud computing market, Fujikura contributes to various technologies.
The passive components like the optical cables have reliable records in the market. The Active Optical Cable (AOC) offers high-speed transmission for data center and factory automation applications. Moreover, Wavelength Selectable Switch (WSS) and Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) transceiver for long haul are used for backbone network where data traffic is increasing.
Fujikura supports the market requirement by a various product lineup.

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