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Applications: Medical, Industrial, Consumer, Automotive

To improve patients' QOL (Quality of Life), Fujikura pressure sensors and oxygen sensors are used as one of key components in various
medical devices. Furthermore, there are a lot of sensor applications in each business field as listed below.

sensor Medical
・Blood pressure monitor
・Patient monitor
・Oxygen concentrator
・Air mattress
sensor industory
・Pressure switch
・Oxygen/Nitrogen generator
・Vegetables/Fruits storage
sensor homeelectronics
・House appliances
・Sports watch
・Digital camera
・GPS navigation device
sensor automotive
・Fuel management
・Fuel tank
・Seat comfort

Technologies and Services: Semiconductor pressure sensor, Ceramic oxygen sensor

Semiconductor pressure sensor

In early 1980s, our first sensor product was released into the market. Having 30 years of experiences, Fujikura is now the leading supplier of pressure sensors and oxygen sensors.
Through state-of-the-art silicon MEMS(Micro Electronics Mechanical System) process and assembly technology, Fujikura produces 3types of piezo-resistive pressure sensor. Sensing element is the most simple, low-cost and high volume solution. It needs for customer to amplify and calibrate the sensor signal. Integrated sensor does not need any such procedures at customer process, because its characteristics are fully calibrated by on-chip thin film laser trimming process at the sensor factory. Applying specified power supply, customer can easily acquire amplified sensor signal that is calibrated within +/-5% or better accuracy. As a new generation product, ASIC sensor is now available. Thank to the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology, the accuracy of the ASIC sensor signal is +/-1.5% or better.


Various models of packaging and electrical characteristics are listed on the standard product line. Fujikura is also flexible for customized requirement. Any inquiries, please feel free to ask Fujikura.

Ceramic oxygen sensor

It is well-known that ,at high temperature, stabilized zirconia conducts oxygen ions. Utilizing the properties, huge number of zirconia oxygen sensor have been used especially for automotive application.
Structure of Fujikura's oxygen sensor is different from the previous ones. There is a zirconia sensing cell that have platinum electrodes on the both surfaces of the cell. A cap with an orifice is bonded to the sensing cell in order to control oxygen molecular flow to the cell.
When a stabilized DC voltage is applied to the electrodes, a limiting current related to the oxygen concentration is output.

The unique principle sensor features small size and high accuracy, furthermore, maintain high stability for long period without field re-calibration.
Fujikura provides various models of sensor module for covering from ppm level to 95% of oxygen.
They are used for medical, laboratory and industrial application that requires high precision monitoring. More Informaion

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