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Introducing the products

Fujikura group offers wiring solutions that fit to each individual life style in the rapidly increasing needs for Smart House solution(*1) with variety of wiring materials such as 600V integrated branch cables (Room-Star), information composite cables, bend insensitive cables (Magetsuyo), and wireless sensor nodes for the "next generation" residence. We also provide total support including wiring material selection, quantity survey, and delivery date management.

*1 Smart House Solution offers integrated systems of energy saving, energy generation and energy storage, which maximizes energy efficiency at home.


■ Room-Star
Room-Star is a integrated wiring system between distribution board and each outlet and equipment, that is prefabricated at factory.
Cables are cut in each designated length, connected each other and are labeled its destination on the cable surface for easy installation at factory, to saving on-site work time.
Room-Star connects each system such as solar power generation system, distribution board, battery and HEMS.


■ Information composite cables
Wirings between the information distribution board and information outlets are required many different cables such as telephone, LAN, coaxial and optical cables. Our information composite cables accommodate those cables in one cable for simpler installation and are connectorized at factory.


■ Ultra Flexible Cable MAGETSUYO
Technology:Suitable for FTTH premise wiring.
Lighter weight and smaller diameter.
Tight buffer design protects optical fibers from mechanical damages.
High strength aramid yarns provide tensile strength.


■ Wireless Sensor Node
Wireless sensor nodes are devices that require no battery replacement, using dye-sensitized solar cells as the power supply, which are suitable for a variety of applications such as smart houses and plant factories.


■ V2H Connector
We offer V2H (Vehicle to Home) connector used in leisure or emergency. Its straight design from cable to connectors and its simple operation system contribute user-friendliness.


■ Standard charging connector
The standard chargers can be installed at a lower initial-cost than quick chargers and are good for homes, offices, hotels or commercial facilities where vehicles are parked for long time. Fujikura offers connectors for both type of chargers and improves user-friendliness.

Introduction of technologies

Wiring design
Based on the housing specifications and the client drawings, our engineers use a Wiring CAD program to design the power and IT communication wiring for each house.
We offer wiring systems for solar power generation, batteries and HEMS at the same time.
We offer maximum efficiency in field installation work to customers by assembling works such as measuring, cutting, circuit connection, insulation treatment and connectorising at our factories.
We proudly provide such wiring systems through well-established quality assurance system.
One set delivery
We deliver components which are required to build wiring systems to connect systems such as solar power generation and batteries and others, putting them together with these cables into one package.

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