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EV Connector
Connecting EV with you.

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Applications: Fujikura supply cable assemblies for EV. Connecting EV with "DC Fast Charger"

charging ev at plug-in station

Fujikura supplies cable assemblies for "Quick Charger"
The growing environmental awareness in recent years has spurred spread of EV that does not emit CO2 during drive.
Fujikura sells cable assemblies used for EV chargers that are increasing at various locations such as service areas and shopping centers.
Fujikura's cable assemblies offer high safety, excellent operability, high durability and stylish design.

Technology: Cable assemblies using rubber cabtire cables have excellent low-temperature properties.

Fujikura has been accumulating superior technologies in a long history of cable manufacturing. We developed EV charger connectors taking advantage of those technologies. These products have excellent low-temperature properties that are required in outdoor use.
We added CE certified DC Charger Connector to product line up in June 2013.

Services: High safety, Excellent operability, High durability

High safety
・Securely locking mechanism.
・Excellent insulating performance
Excellent operability
・Simple operation (DC Charger connector)
・Small operation force (DC Charger connector)
High durability
Durability against more than 10,000 times insertions and extractions

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