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Fujikura Fusion Splicer contributes in your everyday life more than you would know.

fujikura fusion splicer

When talking on the phone or using the internet, our splicers are used to connect optical fibers with superior precision to ensure your data are transmitted reliably anywhere.
Fusion splicers have contributed in telecommunications, medical application, image process, energy research where light matters.
You might have seen the Yellow-Box which is one of Fujikura Splicer's unique characteristics before.

Fujikura Splicer Observation System

PAS method

In 1985, we pioneered the use of Profile Alignment System in fusion splicer to observe the core of optical fibers.
We also pioneered the use of Fiber End View System for the ever-evolving fiber structure. Therefore, our partners can benefit from our advanced technology and rich experience.

Why Fujikura?

Market Leader
Fujikura is the leading splicer brand in the world. We achieve and maintain this feat by providing quality products, extensive knowledge to telecommunication, photonics research and manufacturing application.
Years of Experience
Pioneer in fusion splicer with 30 years of experience. You can count on us for a solution to your every problem.
Service & Support
Fusion Splicer must keep good condition as master's tools to maintain good quality.
Fujikura has over 80 of authorized distributor all over the world. They stand by you and give the best and the quickest support, not only after service, but also before.

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