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Application: Yttrium-based 2G Superconductor Leading the Next Generation


Yttrium-based superconducting wire is one of the high-temperature superconductors and is expected to be in practical uses for various applications as the 2nd generation following Bismuth-based superconducting wire.
Fujikura's yttrium-based superconducting wire has higher performance with longer piece length, higher critical current and its uniformity, which will advance various applications to practical use steadily.
The verifications of superconducting applications are ongoing in electrical power equipment such as power cables and fault current limiters, and industrial motors, medical and analytical equipment using superconducting coils. Yttrium-based superconducting wire has higher critical current in magnetic fields than other superconductors and higher critical temperature above liquid nitrogen temperature, which could achieve high-performance superconducting applications at broader ranges of magnetic field and temperature region.


Technology: Key Technology to Accomplish Higher Performance

Key Technology to Accomplish Higher Performance

Since the historical discovery of high-temperature superconductors in the late 1980s, Fujikura has focused on Yttrium-based high temperature superconductor and performed research and development towards its practical use as a wire for over 20 years. To accomplish higher superconducting performance, it is necessary to align the crystal orientation of the superconducting layer.
We at Fujikura have made it possible by developing our original manufacturing techniques to fabricate high-textured buffer layer and superconducting layer stably.
Recently, focusing on higher quality and longer piece length besides higher critical current, we have further improved wire performances remarkably. Fujikura's superconducting wire has over 500A at 77K, self-field and over 500m piece at 10mm wide, and its performance would be superior to other 2nd generation wire suppliers in terms of higher critical current and longer piece length.
Our superconducting wire is not just limited to a field of research and development, but reaches a stage that high-performance wires could be supplied steadily at a commercial mass production level.

Why Fujikura?

We at Fujikura can supply yttrium-based 2nd generation superconducting wire complying with every customer's requirement. If you have any requirement for superconducting wire, we will develop and supply the superconducting wire focusing on your requirement. We can also supply short samples if you could feedback us your evaluation results. Please contact us.

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